Green Dog Cafe
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lost mittens and socks
Solstice Winter 2015
Halloween 2015 - Ella's Skin Suit Scares Earl
Mabon Party - happy thanksgiving!
the smell of fresh coffee.  don't let smoking ruin your zen moment.
Moving the furniture to polish the floor
the Solstice Goat
Decorating the All-Tree
Thanksgiving 2014 - we have everything but the chairs, plates, and silverware!
the mummy's dilemma
Halloween Pumpkin Soup
Halloween 2014
You owe me five tickets to Moustrap.
Bad Means Good,
Window Cleaner
Spoonerisms of Hunger
filtered water
Pea Soup
Billie Holiday Tribute "Tenderly"
Solstice 2014
inspired art
Electrical Operation
Mosquito in the Kitchen
Easter Egg Hunt
Never argue with pepper spray
Working out with the iPad
Irritating Blackberry
three wishes. pizza.
Carrying too many groceries
Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?
Solstice - the longest day of the year for many reasons
Grind this coffee - with a grinder!
Pesto and Rhinitis: just say no!
the boolerina makes boo-kies and mean kids get their just desserts
the zombie
Redbull Dog - Addicts
Three Wishes ... Coava Espresso
Old Toothbrush Pests
Espresso and Minced Vegetables
Getting up early for the Breakfast Shift. Need a lotta coffee.
sun dried tomatoes - mexican style
Senor Banana is sick, but he can still cook for you!
Independence Day - How to know if a firework will work or not
Bok Choi peels an orange and keeps getting squirted in the eye. Seņor Banana comes along and seeiing Bok Choi's red eyes, says: "You look sick. Want some orange juice?"
Hazelnut Coffee
Dark Sunglasses
Compost Heap
Compost Heap
New Sneakers
Curry Chips extra spicy
Deadly Carrots
Winter Ain't so Bad
Valentine's Day 2013
George Washington Birthday
Cafe bath
Holiday Lights
Shoveling the Snow
Earl and Ella watching TV
Thanksgiving 1 2012Thanksgiving 2 2012
Halloween 2012
strong coffee
Cup Charge
Nothing Funny Happens
Friday 13th - Egg Drop Soup
Ketchup part 1
Ketchup part 1
the freezer
Ketchup part 1
Ketchup part 2
Happy Hour
Giant Coffee Mug
Onion Jam
Onion Jam
Sign the Petition
Espresso with Sugar
Equinox 2012
Noisy Bulldozer
Had Enough Coffee
More Cheese
broken espresso
Valentine's Day
i Heart Vacation
Christmas 2011
Decaf Coffee
Extreme Sports Drink
Blackened Tofu
I Want to Wait Tables
I Want to Wait Tables
Bean Soup
Fire Extinguisher
Mate is Good For You
Drinking from a Gourd
Desgraciado Bebedor de las Malas Hierbas
Halloween 2011