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Belle Qui Tient Ma Vie

A 16th-Century Love Song by Thoineaut Arbeau, Illustrations by Genevieve
Any mistakes in translation should be blamed on the French guy, since he's dead. - g
created for the Prolatio Singers, who sing naughty stuff as long as it's in another language.

1. Belle Qui Tient Ma Vie captive dans tes yeux
My Sweet, who holds my life captive in thy eyes,

2. Qui m'a l'ame ravie d'un sourire gracieux
Who has ravished my soul with a gracious smile

3. Viens tot me secourir ou me faudra mourir
Come quickly and save me, or I shall die.

4. Pourquoi fui tu mignarde si je suis pres de toi?
Why are you so shy when I am near?

5. Quand tes yeux je regarde je me perds dedans moi
When I gaze into your eyes, I become lost

6.Car tes perfections changent mes action
For your perfections inspire me to change

7.Approche donc ma belle, approche-toi mon bien, ne me sois plus rebelle!
Come then my lovely, draw near to me, my sweet - resist no longer!

8.Puisque mon coeur est tien.
Because my heart is thine.

9.Pour mon mal appaiser, donn-moi un baiser!
To assuage my pain, give me a kiss!

*Note: an extremely naughty and very french modern version of the piece can be found at Le Plaisir des Dieux

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